21 Financial Myths By: Dan Wyson, CFP®

21 Financial Myths is an eye opener to some of the most common mistakes made by investors. It is based on real life stories from the author's experience with thousands of clients over the years. The book explains that a "myth" is a part truth that becomes accepted as fully true. It is the part that is not true that concerns the author, and is usually overlooked by the investor who all too often will jump into things before fully understanding them. After reading this book the average person will be able to review their own portfolio and find many areas of concern that were previously overlooked. Dan Wyson, CFP® is unique in his ability to put complex problems into very simple and entertaining terms, so that all who read will find their understanding of their investments greatly improved.

21 Financial Myths - by Dan Wyson, CFP®

21 Financial Myths - Paperback Edition