Changes Going Forward

My first full-time job was at the age of 10 when I took over my best friends’ paper route. Initially I made little money, but gained valuable business experience that would assist me in later years. I’ve often wondered about conducting a survey to assess the lifetime success rate of those who had Pape routes in their youth versus those who did not. At my peak at the age of 14 I was delivering 110 papers every day of the year and bringing in a decent income for my age.

Little did I know that one day other paperboys would be delivering weekly papers with my own columns in them. I have always loved writing and beginning in 2005 I began writing a monthly financial column for a small local paper. After a couple years the editor of a larger paper asked me if I would be willing to move my article to his publication. I remember sitting in his office that day and him telling me, “Now if you accept this offer you will need to produce a column every week of the year. Do you think you can do that?” I responded that I was sure that I could. I remember him laughing a bit and saying he doubted I would last more than a few months, but he was happy to give me a try.

I outlasted that editor and a few that followed until now in 2023 I have written over 800 of those columns. Some came easily, most required quite a bit of effort, and many kept me up all night. I have seen my columns published in cities large and small across the country as my writings became available through syndication. Taken together my columns contain more words that the first four “Harry Potter” books. (In retrospect maybe I should have written fiction.) Nevertheless, it has been a joy to write, to teach, to help and to learn for myself along the way.

As I approach a new year, in an ever-changing world that now allows me to take my thoughts directly to my audience, I have made the decision to discontinue my weekly newspaper articles. I would like to focus more on writing about financial matters that directly concern the clients and friends of Wyson Financial. This will also include an organized compilation of past writings in a format that I feel will be more useful. Also, I plan on continuing to write in these emails about matters of financial importance on a monthly basis or more often if needed.

I love writing but have felt for a while that with new and more efficient avenues of getting my messages out, it was time to make a change. I am excited about this new direction. Please let me know as we move forward how you feel about it as well.

Dan Wyson CFP®