What We Do

We use an array of investments from real estate investment trusts, unit investment trusts, business development companies, limited partnerships, etc. Each investment has a purpose and a goal. We will help you decide which ones might fit into your picture.
Wealth Management
Utilizing all the research and information available, we oversee the assets of our clients with intelligence and care to help ensure that our clients can fare well in a volatile marketplace. 
Financial Planning
Our planning team will input data from every aspect of your financial picture and compile it into a plan. Using high-level planning software, we will formulate strategies to get you to your goals in the most efficient manner. Financial planning can be implemented from a very basic level all the way up to highly sophisticated situations. Financial planning clients leave with a very acute image of where they are going.
Portfolio Analysis
No one has a monopoly on good advice. We encourage you to let us look at what you've got, and we will give you an honest assessment of your situation.  
These products are so complex that most financial advisors don’t understand them. It is this uncertainty that causes some to shy away from them. Whether variable, fixed, indexed, or immediate, annuities can be prescribed for a multitude of reasons and, if used correctly, can perform a service not found in other products. We utilize these products when specific situations call for them.
When applicable, life insurance can be used for a host of reasons, from tax-deferred wealth accumulation for high-income earners to estate tax planning. More commonly, life insurance is used to help ensure that if you don’t come home tomorrow, your family won’t be financially devastated. We are familiar with the various types of life insurance and can educate you about what may be best for your situation.